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Travel Management Company - NMB Mediator Assigned

August 10, 2017 - The Railway Labor Act (“RLA”) imposes a duty on both parties “to make and maintain agreements … and to settle all disputes … to avoid any interruption to commerce or to the operation of any carrier …”. The parties are to attempt to resolve collective bargaining disputes through direct negotiations. On July 27, 2017, the Company filed an Application for Mediation Services with the National Mediation Board (“NMB”) because “numerous sections remaining open, despite over 24 months of bargaining for an initial contract, including compensation, scheduling, vacations, sick leave, training and checking, displacement, furlough and recall, expenses, travel, and crew meals,
hours of service, pilot retirement plan, insurance benefits, recognition and scope, and union recognition.”

The NMB has appointed mediator Jane Allen to foster the prompt and orderly resolution of the collective bargaining disputes. As you can see from the attached bio, Ms. Allen joined the NMB as a mediator in June, 2015 with 22 years of experience in the airline industry. As the Vice President of Employee Relations and Chief Labor Negotiator for a major air carrier, she directed all collective bargaining, and was responsible for contract interpretation, labor relations, and mediation. In this position she gained broad experience under numerous Railway Labor Act provisions, and in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Ms. Allen also served as the carrier’s Vice President of Flight Service and the Managing Director of Compensation and Benefits for all employees.

To date, 97% of all mediation cases in the history of the NMB have been successfully resolved without
interruptions to public service. Since 1980, the success rate has been nearly 99%. Ms. Allen will employ a variety of methods, including but not limited to, traditional mediation, interest-based problem solving, or facilitation to peacefully conclude collective bargaining. As was stated in the most recent Negotiating Committee report, mediation does not guarantee that the parties will come to a swift resolution of their differences, nor is it a given that it will accelerate the process. Should mediation be unsuccessful, the Board will “induce the parties to submit their disputes to arbitration.”

The timeline for future bargaining sessions are now in the hands of the mediator. As we expected, the meeting previously scheduled for the last week in August will not occur due the Ms. Allen’s unavailability. She has spoken with representatives of your Union and the Company and is in the process of setting the bargaining schedule for the remainder of 2017. Once she does so, we will inform you of those bargaining dates.


Teamsters Local 1108 provides professional pilot representation in the Fractional Aircraft Ownership segment of the aviation industry whereby business aircraft usage is divided into fractions and marketed as shares. Union leadership anticipates strong growth for the foreseeable future in the industry, which ultimately translates into continued growth in Union membership.

The Union is focused on the professional representation of pilots with a stated mission of securing and enhancing job security, wages, benefits, and work rules governing professional aviators. The Local Union Executive Board is committed to defending a profession that is continuously under corporate attack by demanding a safety-conscious work environment as well as a compensation schedule and benefits package commensurate with industry standards.

Leadership is committed to advocating for a safe work environment, ensuring contract compliance, seeking dispute resolution, providing timely, relevant membership communication, sharing information, developing and offering on-site and web-based education programs, preparing for and participating in collective bargaining, initiating family awareness campaigns, making self-help preparations, organizing fellow pilot groups, and promoting professional standards.

The simplicity of the Local 1108 operating philosophy has proved successful: The Union is a democratic organization committed to representing the membership. As such, it is the responsibility of the elected officers, staff, and volunteers to represent the collective needs of the pilot group. This philosophy has generated a significant amount of pilot support which has translated into a culture of unity, pride and strength. An informed, educated, and empowered pilot group supported by a Union who listens, responds, develops and executes has proved to be very effective. Continued expansion and reinforcement of this level of unity, pride and strength will empower leadership to make unprecedented gains on the membership’s behalf. 

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