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  • Executive Board Announcement
    Updated On: Mar 14, 2018

    Executive Board Waives Pre-Contract Dues Obligations

    (February 1, 2018) The IBT Local 1108 Executive Board (“Eboard”) is pleased to announce that we have unanimously voted to waive delinquent pre-contract dues owed under Bylaws Section 24(E)(3) for all pilots. We have further confirmed approval with the IBT in Washington, DC. This decision was reached after detailed discussions with the leadership of the Airline Division, representatives of the Teamster General Executive Board. Most importantly, your Union representatives heard from pilots both pro and con on the issue of pre-contract dues obligations. After carefully considering the matter, we decided to make a change in the best interest of all members of our Local. We are confident that the decision to waive such dues will strengthen and unite our membership. We know that this decision might not sit well with some of you who have paid dues from the beginning, but we ask that you stand next to us in support of this decision so that we can move forward as a unified pilot group. Again, this was a decision taken to strengthen the Union.

    For those of you that previously paid such dues as described in the Local’s Bylaws, we cannot thank you enough. This Local would never be where it is today without your continued financial, moral and volunteer support. It will never be forgotten.

    So what was waived?

    Effective today:

    1) All delinquent dues or service fees owing under Section 24(E)(3) of the Teamsters Local Union No. 1108 Bylaws are hereby waived for the Flight Options, Flexjet and Travel Management Company newly organized pilot groups where such dues obligation arose prior to the effective date of the initial collective bargaining agreement for such group. The Local Union will not require payment of dues for the time period prior to the effective date of the initial collective bargaining agreement.

    2) The initial collective bargaining agreement for Flight Options/Flexjet pilots is the Merged Collective Bargaining Agreement. For membership dues obligation purposes only, the effective date of said Merged Collective Bargaining Agreement is deemed to be February 1, 2018. Nothing contained herein shall give rise to a dues or service fee refund for dues or fees paid prior February 1, 2018.

    What does this mean?

    • For those of you who are delinquent in the payment of Bylaws Section 25(E)(3) pre-contract dues, this dues obligation is waived. You will not ever have to pay these back dues.

    • Flight Options/Flexjet pilots can now join the Union to become members in good standing and pay affordable monthly dues for Union representation effective February 1, 2018 under the Flight Options/Flexjet MCBA. You will have full membership rights to vote on agreements, participate in the Union and run for office pursuant to the bylaws.

    • All dues and service fees obligations required for pilots covered by the MCBA are immediately effective February 1, 2018.

    • Delinquent dues for the few legacy Flight Options pilots that still owed back dues prior to April 1, 2010 are waived.

    • Travel Management Company pilots are no longer obligated to remit dues prior to the effective date of a collective bargaining agreement.

    The playing field is now as level as your leadership could make it. Your leadership intends to create a referendum for member consideration to eliminate the Bylaw provisions requiring payment of dues prior to negotiating and ratifying an initial collective bargaining agreement. At that time, pilots in good standing will have the opportunity to voice whether they wish to amend the bylaws, making this change permanent.

    Now is the time to join the Union and become a member in good standing!

    We reach out to every Flight Options/Flexjet pilot and encourage you to join the Union now. The pre-contract dues delinquencies are waived; the slate is clean, and now is the time to get on board.

    Please immediately take the necessary steps to prevent any further dues delinquencies at our Local.

    • Fill out a Membership Application and Dues Checkoff Form TODAY! Dues Checkoff allows the deduction of your dues obligation automatically by the company. Please get the form to the Local Office as soon as possible so your February dues obligation is timely received from the company. The only alternate option is through direct payment to the Local and must be remitted by the end of each month to prevent your delinquency. Signing up for checkoff gives you a hassle-free way of paying your monthly dues and ensures that you will not be delinquent in the future and lose your rights.

    It’s a requirement, not an option from now on. Every pilot is obligated to pay Union dues or a service fee under the MCBA. It’s the pilots’ contract, the pilots’ Local and the responsibility of the members to fund the representational and administrative obligations in the interest of all pilots.

    Membership Application and Dues Checkoff Forms were previously mailed to the pilot group. However, if you do not have a membership/checkoff form, you may immediately request a form by emailing your name and mailing address to or alternately contacting a member of your OneSky Master Executive Council.

    Please remember the Steward on Duty (“SOD”) can be contacted to assist in representational needs and provide guidance with any of your concerns by calling 866-565-1108.

    Finally, management has indicated you may contact them with questions about your contract. We remind you that this is your contract with the Company. Your Union representatives are the stewards of your agreement. So, if you have questions or concerns about your contract, call your Union representatives.

    In Unity,
    Your IBT Local 1108 Executive Board


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