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  • Your Union proposes Immediate Wage Increases and Improved Work Rules for All OneSky Pilots
    Posted On: Apr 24, 2018

    Your Union proposes Immediate Wage Increases and Improved Work Rules for All OneSky Pilots

    Today your Union Negotiators proposed a revised Protocol Agreement for Expedited Negotiations Over an Industry-Leading Collective Bargaining Agreement. The new proposal (click to view), would put us on a path to reach a new contract by the end of the year and includes the following immediate improvements:

    “Effective on the date this Protocol Agreement is signed by the Company, management shall take the following actions as a sign of good faith and the parties’ mutual commitment to making immediate, necessary improvements for the benefit of Flexjet and Flight Options pilots:

    a) Immediate Wage Increase for All Pilots:
    The Company shall increase the base salaries of all Flexjet and Flight Options Pilots pay scales in the MCBA by twenty (20) percent effective immediately. This increase does not prevent additional salary increases as agreed to by the parties during Section 6 collective bargaining.

    b) Compensation Increased to Daily Rate of Pay During Training:
    Pilots assigned a Training Schedule shall be compensated the PBS Daily Rate of Pay, as provided in Section 27, until assigned a subsequent PBS or Fixed Schedule as provided in Section 19.

    c) One Hour Post-flight for All Trips:
    Section 28.3(c)(1) Trip Assignment Report and Release Time is applied as follows: “A Pilot shall be released from a trip assignment 60 minutes after block-in.”

    d) All Flexjet Pilots Retain Awarded Vacations:
    All Flexjet pilots who were previously awarded vacations in 2017 for 2018 may choose to retain their awarded vacations for the remainder of 2018.

    e) Work Day Ends at Midnight:
    A “Work Day/Workday shall be defined as “A 24-hour period starting at 0001 Local Crew Base/Domicile Time and ending at 2400 Local Crew Base/Domicile Time the following day when a Pilot is required to perform a Duty assignment for the Company.” All references in the MCBA with regard to 0130 local time (i.e. scheduling, compensation, overtime, time recovery, workday elimination, etc.) shall be modified to 2400 local time.”

    In addition to providing immediate pay increases that reward our hard work and address the growing recruitment and retention problem at OneSky, your Union’s proposal restores certain benefits and working conditions members lost in the MCBA as a direct result of the Company’s proposals to the arbitrator.

    This is an opportunity for management to turn the page on the past for the benefit of every pilot on the seniority list. They have a willing partner in the Union. Management has not yet responded to the details of our proposal.

    Management did object to the Union’s decision to file for mediation, threatening to refuse to meet with your Union negotiators until a mediator is present in CLE – despite management's intent to ask the NMB not to assign a mediator. As previously reported, your Union is ready to meet with or without a mediator so that we can successfully complete negotiations as soon as possible. A refusal to meet is not in the best interest of the pilot group or the Company. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail on management’s side of the table. It is time to work together.

    A unified pilot Union can achieve everything we proposed today, and a lot more, if we demonstrate to management and the entire aviation community that we support our Union and our Negotiators. We will update you on the Company’s response to our proposal and the status of our negotiations.

    In unity,

    Capt. Vint Fantin
    OneSky Negotiating Committee Chairman

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