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    General Information About Organizing

    What is a Union?

    A union is a legally sanctioned, formally organized association of workers which exists for the purpose of collective bargaining with the employer concerning the terms and conditions of employment and the fair representation of workers under this agreement.

    What do they do?

    A Union's primary objective is to secure good contracts for its members and to enforce the provisions of that contract. The Union also administers some of the contract's important benefits directly. Pilot Union's also consist of several committees to address needs specific to pilots. Some of examples include, Safety Committee, Regulatory Compliance Committee, Critical Incident Response Program and Professional Standards Committee.

    Why organize?

    Working under a Collective Bargaining Agreement provides secure working conditions and pay. It also provides a mechanism through the grievance process to enforce the mutually agreed upon contract and collect “damages” if the company chooses to violate the contract. For example: The NetJets pilots just won a class action grievance for scheduling violations. The total sum awarded to the pilot group for the contract violation was over 5.8 million. Working under the auspices of a bargaining agreement would prevent unilateral changes to working conditions unless agreed upon by the Union and the company.

    Why the teamsters?

    • Money
      • Your local directs the bulk of your dues collection
      • The Teamsters leave 75% of your dues at your local for your elected leadership to spend as they see fit to address your concerns. The other 25% goes to the International which provides legal and financial support when needed. (ALPA locals send 75% of their dues to the International)
    • Numbers
      • The Teamsters are 1.4 million strong!
    • Strength
      • Aviation is a strongly regulated community
    • Who writes and approves the regulations?
      • Politicians
    • What motivates most politicians?
      • Votes
    • What does being affiliated with the Teamsters bring?
      • The ear of the politicians that approve the regulations we must abide by.
    • Local Autonomy
      • The Teamster Constitution allows IBT Locals the leeway to serve their membership as they see fit.

    What is the RLA?

    The Railway Labor Act was drafted by labor and management and passed by Congress in 1936 without amendment. It differs from the National Labor Relations Act passed in 1926 in that it prevents labor groups the ability to go on strike at will. The intent is to ensure that interstate commerce is not affected due to labor unrest. The RLA outlines the processes in which we bargain.

    Why do we bargain under it?

    An operator that possesses an Air Carrier Certificate dictates that governance under the auspices of the RLA.

    What about dues?

    Union Dues range anywhere from 1-3% of your salary and are tax deductible.  Current Local 1108 dues are 1.56% of the pilot’s gross salary in addition to an initiation fee.  Initiation fees are waived for newly organized pilot groups.

    NOTE: Local 1108’s dues policy is different from the IBT policy.  Most IBT members are governed under the National Labor Relations Act which means that it takes less time and is less expensive to negotiate a contracts.

    The Vote for Representation

    Where do we get the cards and what do we do with them? 
    You can download a Teamsters Local 1108 Authorization Card here or click on the "Organize Today!" link on the left of this page.  To request an Authorization Card be mailed to you, send your name and address to  Your information is always held in the strictest confidence.

    Send your Authorization Card(s) in an envelope and mail to:

    IBT Local 1108
    PO Box 43485
    Richmond Heights, OH 44143-3485

    What happens once we have enough cards?
    Our attorney will fill out a Form NMB-3 to petition for your representation. When the NMB receives this application, they will assign an identification number and preliminary correspondence will be initiated. The correspondence will identify the Investigator(s) assigned.

    Who will know I submitted a card?
    Authorizations will be handled only by NMB representatives. The NMB keeps all authorizations confidential. This includes the names of individuals who have signed authorizations and the number of authorizations submitted. The carrier or opposing party or parties should not be privy to the number or percentage of authorizations furnished. Information on specific representation matters will be available only to the designated representatives in those matters.

    What does the Investigator do?
    The Investigator will determine the scope and the form of the investigation, including whether to conduct the investigation on-site. If the participants wish to raise any particular issues(s) in the representation matter, the issue(s) and supporting evidence or documentation must be submitted in writing within time limit(s) established by the Investigator.

    The NMB has a statutory right to have access to and to make copies of carrier books and records (Section 2, Ninth). The Investigator will advise the carrier of these statutory rights whenever the Investigator determines that carrier books and records are necessary to the investigation. The Investigator compares the list of potential eligible voters with the names of the employees who signed authorizations to determine if a sufficient percentage of authorizations has been submitted to require checking the validity of the authorizations. If there are insufficient authorizations submitted, the Investigator may, in his/her discretion, allow adjustments to the list prior to checking the validity of the authorizations. The NMB requires 35% of the eligible craft to submit cards. The IBT and Local 1108 prefer 65% of the members submit cards.

    What will the company be required to do?
    The carrier must serve three (3) copies of a system-wide alphabetized list of potential eligible voters on the Investigator and serve one (1) copy on each participants’ representative. The NMB requires the carrier to provide a copy of the alphabetized list on a disk in Excel spreadsheet format for the NMB’s administrative use only. The list of potential eligible voters must include all individuals in the craft or class with an employee-employer relationship as of the cut-off date. The list must identify each employee’s full name, the job title, and the duty station or location. The carrier must also provide the NMB with one (1) copy of legible, alphabetized signature samples for each employee on the list. Examples of acceptable signature samples include tax-withholding forms and employment and insurance applications. The alphabetized signature samples must be in the same order as the names on the list of potential eligible voters. The list of potential eligible voters and signature samples must be delivered to the NMB by the deadline set by the General Counsel of the NMB. When there is an on-site investigation, the list and signature samples must be delivered to the Investigator upon arrival.

    What happens once the NMB authorizes an election?
    When the NMB authorizes an election, the carrier is required to furnish, within five (5) calendar days of the date of authorization, alphabetized peel-off labels bearing the names and current addresses of all employees on the list of potential eligible voters. The participants should notify the Investigator, within five (5) calendar days of the authorization, of any employees on military leave who are serving in foreign countries or of any potential eligible voters located outside the U.S. It is the responsibility of the carrier to provide address labels for any individuals who may be added to the list or treated as challenged voters. Unused labels will be returned or destroyed following the close of the case.

    How will the vote be conducted?
    The NMB may conduct the vote via mail or telephone. The Carrier must post the Notice on Carrier bulletin boards and at all locations where other notices to employees usually are posted. At least one Notice per station must be posted.

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